ebizq.net: Is BPMS Just the New Name For Application Development?

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I think that BPMS (BPM as software) is an enabler for disruptive changes on how IT deliver tools (currently applications) to the business. Each enterprise has a historical set of “solid” applications and each of those applications dilutes and mixes several business artefacts: processes, services, events, data structures, documents, rules, roles, activities, audit trails, KPIs. BPMS, by enabling explicit and executable processes, is a step forward to externalise (later virtualise and “send” to clouds) ALL those artefacts. Of course, with the help of many other technologies, e.g. ECM for documents, BRM for rules, MDM for data, etc.

This considerably increases flexibility – improving of processes will be assembling of better compositions from better artefacts; use of DSLs will simplify handling of artefacts, owners of business artefacts will be able to change them directly, etc. Because in many cases, processes are such compositions – this is the reason of the importance of BPMS.

Should we invent a name for it? Business Artefacts Development? Business Artefacts Provisioning? I think, that more important is to come up with a commonly agreed reference model and reference architectures to help everyone to move forward faster.


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