Practical process patterns: LifeCycle As A Process (LCAAP)

Practical process pattern LifeCycle As A Process (LCAAP) is a way to handle some Business Objects lifecycle with a BPM suite. It is considered that those BOs are passive, e.g. documents as licenses.

A lifecycle of an BO is a few phases and branches between those phases (see the diagram below).

Each phase is implemented in the same way (see the diagram below).

In addition, the lifecycle of all BOs is controlled by a DISPATCHER process (see the diagram below) which catches some external events, checks them and converts them into events to change the phase of an BO.

Please note, that one instance of DISPATCHER template serves many instances of LIFE-CYCLE template.

This pattern can be used as a basis for Product-As-A-Process (see http://improving-bpm-systems.blogspot.ch/2013/06/practical-process-patterns-cxaap.html).


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