Ideas for #BPMshift - Delenda est "vendor-centric #BPM" - case for fusion of bank's front- and back-offices

The recent quotes digest in http://www.bpm.com/Blogs/bpm-quotes-of-the-week-april-11.html starts with my text "“Business is no longer a front and back office – all of your enterprise is the front office. Classic ad-hoc/dynamic processes and classic static processes will co-exist in the same BPM execution environment.”

This quote is based on the real story. It is usually not a problem for bridging front-office processes and back-office processes in their HAPPY PATH (see http://improving-bpm-systems.blogspot.ch/2014/03/enterprise-as-system-of-processes.html ).  It is much more difficult to bridge them in their ERROR-RECOVERY PATH. 

The story details.
  1. A client has a standing order defined in an e-banking system (front-office). 
  2. The e-banking system passes the payment to the bank's back-office system on each 25th of month.
  3. Once, the transaction initiated by the back-office it was rejected by the recipient's bank
  4. The back-office (which is based on a good BPM suite) starts its recovery-error process.
  5. That error-recovery process got struck in the back-office and the client didn't know about the failed transaction although money were debited from the client's account.
  6. The recipient has complained to the client.
  7. The client replied to the recipient that the e-banking shows that the order has been processed.
  8. The recipient has complained again.
  9. The client submitted an inquiry via the e-banking system.
  10. Somebody has replied that the back-office can't process the order for some reasons.
  11. The client called the front-office contact person - conseiller.
  12. The latter did some magic, requested to repeat this transaction again and confirmed that the money will be refunded in a few days.
The total elapsed time for this saga was 20 days. This means that during 20 days the client's money were lost BETWEEN the front-office and the back-office of a world-wide bank. Just wander what adjustment of internal business processes was made in this bank to avoid similar cases.

This bank is using a BPM suite for its back-office; There is no information about the implementation of its e-banking system. Ideally, the latter should be also process-based. But, as there is a huge fragmentation of the vendor-centric BPM market, modern BPM tools create "islands of BPMing". 

Thus the BPM industry must moving from vendor-centric BPM to customer-centric BPM.

Delenda est "vendor-centric #BPM",

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