Ideas for #BPMshift - Delenda est "Vendor-centric #BPM" - How can a company benefit from a BPM initiative?

This blogpost lists some company-wide benefits of BPM (as a trio methodology, practices/architecture and COTS & FOSS tools).

Customer Value Delivery

Better fit to the customer experience because it is be considered as a process ( see http://improving-bpm-systems.blogspot.ch/search/label/CX ).
Higher business agility (speed-to-market) because many of improvements are anticipated by design (see http://improving-bpm-systems.blogspot.com/2014/05/ideas-for-bpmshift-delenda-est-vendor_8.html ).

Quicker adoption of best business practices (i.e. patterns – see http://improving-bpm-systems.blogspot.ch/search/label/practical%20process%20patterns ) and in-house innovations.

Higher quality of service because an interaction with a customer may happen at any point in a process (not just from the front-office) and all exchanges between an employee and a customer are traceable (see http://improving-bpm-systems.blogspot.ch/2014/04/bpmshift-delenda-est-vendor-centric-bpm.html ).

Operational excellence

Collection of objective performance measurements.

Total transparency and traceability.

Real-time view on operations for various roles.

Proactive risk management and mitigation as it is based on processes (see http://improving-bpm-systems.blogspot.ch/search/label/ERM ).

Predictability of operations including automatic detection of performance bottlenecks ( see http://improving-bpm-systems.blogspot.ch/2010/03/linkedin-how-do-we-measure-work-flow.html ).

Better information security (see http://improving-bpm-systems.blogspot.ch/2014/04/ideas-for-bpmshift-delenda-est-vendor.html ).

Objective and predictive balancing of workload.

Compliance by design.

Ability to quickly improve and repair processes (see http://improving-bpm-systems.blogspot.ch/2013/04/bpm-for-developers-improve-agility-of.html ).

Link between the strategy and its execution

Provisioning a powerful company-wide governance capability because a company is a system of processes (see http://improving-bpm-systems.blogspot.no/2014/03/enterprise-as-system-of-processes.html and http://improving-bpm-systems.blogspot.ch/2015/02/iceberg-of-processes-within-enterprise.html ).

E2E incremental improvements can be carried out in accordance with business pace and business priorities (http://improving-bpm-systems.blogspot.no/2014/05/ideas-for-bpmshift-delenda-est-vendor_8.html ).

Faster path to a digital company (see http://improving-bpm-systems.blogspot.ch/2013/02/towards-paperless-or-digital-or-less.html ).

Better impact analysis of changes because of explicit linking between events, rules, roles, documents, KPIs, etc.

Provisioning a solid foundation for enterprise architecture because BPM defines a lot for enterprise architecture. (see http://improving-bpm-systems.blogspot.ch/2014/05/ideas-for-bpmshift-delenda-est-vendor_11.html ).

Boosting employee motivation

By eliminating manual, tedious work, people focus on higher value (core business value-added intellectual) activities.

Allowing staff to focus on more added-value work.

Better visibility on what people and others are doing in the company.

More accurate job descriptions and fact‐based performance evaluation metrics.

Improving working relationships by common language between various roles (primary between business and IT).

Organisational structure is derived from processes (with fine-turning around talents).

Smoother change management because of transparent design, transparent decisions, transparent execution which make people more comfortable with changes.

Better application architecture

See http://improving-bpm-systems.blogspot.ch/2016/08/better-application-architecture-apparch.html and http://improving-bpm-systems.blogspot.ch/search/label/%23microservices

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