Technology-enabled #healthcare transformation (via synergy between #entarch, #BPM, #SOA)

Concept paper abstract - please contact me of you want to have a look at the full paper and provide your feedback

We believe that healthcare sector needs a disruptive transformation:
  • healthcare should be more affordable; 
  • healthcare should offer the best possible services for each patient; 
  • healthcare should become the centre of the health value-stream; 
  • healthcare should seamlessly incorporate innovations; 
  • healthcare should be secured by design; 
  • healthcare should prevent unjustified proliferation of tools. 
Our experience shows that systems of the complexity as healthcare must be carefully architectured to
  • avoid duplications, 
  • mitigate execution risks, 
  • enable coordination, collaboration and cooperation, 
  • build mutual understanding among all participants and 
  • explicitly demonstrate how the system will address stakeholders’ concerns. 
To address two essential challenges: 1) “functional silo” nature of the modern healthcare ICT and 2) high level of diversity between IT-enabled healthcare implementation initiatives, this concept paper proposes a platform-based approach for realisation of healthcare platform.

The concept paper explains this approach via a coherent set of the following views:
  • Big picture of healthcare 
  • Reference functional architecture 
  • Enterprise as a system of processes 
  • Security enhanced by the use of processes 
  • Some participant’s view 
  • Platform-based approach 
  • Implementation practices 
  • Project management practices 
  • Multi-layer implementation model 
  • Agile solution delivery practices 
  • Various technologies around 
  • Modernisation of applications to become process-centric 
Majority of those views are briefs on more detailed and proven methodologies and technologies.

The concept paper provides as well a mapping between views and the following stakeholders: Citizens, Patients, Professionals, Healthcare self-regulators, Governmental regulators, Service providers, Medical research, Vendors, Insurance, Information systems architects, Project managers.


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