Synergy between #BPM, #digital, #IoT, #microservices and #blockchain

The following synergies will start to be implemented:
  • BPM and blockchain
  • BPM and microservices
  • BPM and IoT
  • BPM and digital
Below this prediction is in more details.

Each process instance becomes a self-secured on-demand personal solution which:
Note that each process instance may comprises of some other process instances (i.e. pools in BPMN) thus being a distributed process instance.

Thus, for each individual client it will be possible to have an individual process instance which is built in accordance with the customer's needs and behaviour and which is fully secured for this customer. (See my comment to http://bpm.com/bpm-today/in-the-forum/by-2017,-will-70-percent-of-successful-digital-business-models-rely-on-unstable-processes )

A real-life example – a stadium during a football match is full of fans. Each of them has his/her own needs and behaviour. Perfect peak performance case which can be economically reasonable only via on-demand provisioning of processes and microservices.

I think, healthcare could be another example.

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