Beauty of #blockchain - doveryai, no proveryai (trust but verify) for voting at the digital age

The aim of this document is to provide a big picture of voting with the use of various modern technologies, primarily #blockchain. This technology is ideal to implement the “doveryai, no proveryai” (trust but verify) principle to achieve the trust.

1 Basic concepts

Each vote sheet has its unique ID which has its address in the Voting BlockChain (VBC) as VBC-ref1, which also encoded as QR-code-1.

2 Remote voting through the Internet

A Registered Voter (RV) receives a Voting Sheet (VS) via a secured channel or in a secured envelope.

The RV using a Server-Less App (SLA) in his/her internet browser.

  • Opens the VS
  • Fills it
  • Hits the button “FILLED”
  • Uploads the VS and some metadata into the VBC at VBC-ref1
  • Asks the VC to verify the voting results at VBC-ref1
  • Scans QR-code1 (e.g. mobile) to see the voting results at VBC-ref1 (optional)
  • Hits “OK” (and may save VBC-ref1)
  • Starts a smart-contract to release VBC-ref1 to the voting authorities AFTER the ballot period is over
  • Closes the SLA


3 Physical presence voting

Still a secret.


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