Enterprise Patterns: EASE #entarch

This pattern “Enterprise Architecture Services Engagement (EASE)” is a continuation of the enterprise pattern ADAGIO ( http://improving-bpm-systems.blogspot.ch/2015/12/enterprise-patterns-adagio-entarch.html ).

Architecture Delivery services

  1. Impact analysis (Evaluate implementability of any enterprise-wide or departmental initiative)
  2. Solution analysis and design service (Contribute strongly to solution analysis, selection, integration and evolution)
  3. Solution and Platforms life cycle assurance service (Give confidence and guaranty on implemented platforms and solutions)

Architecture Governance services

  1. Architecture vision, strategy and roadmap service (Anticipate a 2-3 years enterprise-as-system and its solutions evolution)
  2. Architecture policy and regulation service (Supply rules and regulations, to ensure sustainability and global coherency)
  3. Architecture validation service (Ensure enterprise-as-a-system compliance to rules and regulations)

Innovation & Optimisation services

  1. Technology watch service (Follow existing and new technologies important for the enterprise)
  2. Technology-enable improvements service (Propose and prototype how the enterprise can benefit from the technology progress)
  3. Internal consulting service (Engage with anyone from the enterprise to apply the EA knowledge to improve operations)

Maintenance services

Architectures are the primary artefacts of EA functioning thus require explicit maintenance.
  1. Architecture repository maintenance service (Capitalise knowledge for impact analysis and coherency management)
  2. Business architecture maintenance service (Give a common understanding of the organisation and its processes)
  3. Application architecture maintenance service (Provide the means to influence design decisions and/or to use proven solutions)
  4. Data/Information/Content architecture maintenance service (Provide models and conditions to manage collected, stored and transformed data)
  5. Security layer maintenance service (Ensure cross-coherency with others layers)
  6. Infrastructure layer maintenance service (Ensure cross-coherency with others layer)


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