Architecture and Process conference 2008, Bangalore

Small, but very interesting conference with excellent keynotes.

I gave two presentations



Training course "Modelling of business processes with an open source BPM suite" is available

This training is based on a forthcoming book “Improving business process management systems” (see www.improving-BPM-systems.com for details). The aim of this book is to address and eliminate the existing business-IT gap in a very practical way. The book provides an architectural framework which explains how to implement BPM/SOA systems which are easy to evolve thus achieving flexibility of the IT and agility of the business.

This training is an intensive teaching of the third part of the book which addresses business process modelling issues, including a set of guidelines for developing implementable business processes by modelling them as executable processes.

The training course will be customized for the needs of the client by linking the modelling issues with practical cases of business process management in the areas of electronic publishing, quality management, enterprise content management, enterprise application integration and production automation.

Day 1, first half, first quarter – theory of BPM/SOA

0 Introduce myself and planning
1 Concepts BPM & SOA
Exercise: Your company maturity level now and desired
2 Related concepts
Exercise: How the BPM system will change your working habits?
3 Some standards, tools, etc.
Exercise: Do you use other IT abbreviations & buzzwords?
4 Architecting your system
Exercise: A big picture for you company

Day 1, first half, second quarter – Introducing an open source BPM suite

5 Introduce an open source BPM suite
Parts of the open source BPM suite
Manipulations in the BPMN Designer
Full run
6 Typology of artefacts
Exercises: Describe BPM artefacts for your project(s)

Day 1, second half – Initial modeling

7 BPMN constructs
Learn the BPMN symbols and its usage
The core set
The complete set
Exercises: modeling of simple cases

8 BPMN Diagramming style and patterns
A few examples of difficult diagrams
WF patterns
Some practical patterns
Exercises: modeling of some patterns
Discussion of recommendations from other specialists (Dr Bruce Silver)
BPMN review from AU

9 BPMN Advanced features in the open source BPM suite
Human tasks
External services

Day 2, Practical modeling

10 Modeling procedure
11 Practical modeling (including client's processes)

Days 3 and 4 – Workshops (optional)
Assisted modeling and execution of clients examples by the participants