Linkedin: Business Architecture Governance

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A very good list from Michael to which I would like to offer a few additions
a. (explicit) list of events important for the subject
b. audit trails pertinent to the subject
c. (explicit) KPI of how good/bad the subject is governed

And a general comment -- it seems to me that for the implementation of the governance it may be practical to consider such an implementation as a BPM system (not a BPM suite - see the difference at http://improving-bpm-systems.blogspot.com/2009/04/should-we-consider-third-forgotten-bpm.html). I noticed many similarities between this list and recommendations on how to implement a BPM system.



Practical process patterns: BMI

Block Multiple Instances (BMI) pattern allows several process instances wait for an event (a variation of the CPP pattern from my book).

Pool "locked" is an example how to put itself into a waiting list.

Richard Vigniel (a colleague of mine) has implemented this pattern in Intalio 6.0.1 (executable example is downlodable from http://www.improving-bpm-systems.com/misc/lockservice.zip).