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Hello All

I just joined this group and reading up on EA and its roles etc. I have been given the task of forming an EA group and then present that to management. I wanted to seek help to point me in the right direction.

Q) where do I start
Q) wanted to use some business examples(eg finance, or sales at my company) and present to management where each EA roles fit in
Q) how EA will help improve things etc

Thank you all

May share with you my draft...

The vision statement
Experience shows that business wants separate requests for change to be implemented quickly. These changes are typically small (from the point of view of the business) and unpredictable (from the point of view of IT). To carry out these changes easily and in a managed way, the enterprise (as a complex and dynamic system) must be properly architected and implemented, thus becoming a platform for business improvements including innovations and optimisations at any scope.

The mission statement
The mission of the EA unit is to provide to stakeholders (top managers, business managers, process owners, super-users, users, business analysts, IT managers, IT architects, IT developers, IT operators, and partners) clear guidance and practical help for transforming the enterprise to implement any given vision (merger, higher level of business agility, etc.).

The objectives
The EA unit develops and maintains the enterprise architecture framework as a comprehensive set of recommendations, models, patterns, examples, tools and training materials.
The EA unit provides a dedicated version of this set (in a form of an implementation guide) to each type of stakeholders. Each implementation guide explains to stakeholders how the enterprise architecture framework addresses their concerns. Each implementation guide practically helps particular stakeholders effectively and efficiently participate in the transformation.


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