Linkedin: What 'peri-operative checklists' could and should we use in EA/BA?

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Research by World Health Organization ("New England Journal of Medicine" 2009 Jan 14, doi:10.1056/NEJMsa0810119 ) shows that use of a simple 19-point peri-operative checklist - checks immediately prior to and during surgical operations - reduced complications by one-third (from 11% to 7%) and deaths by 40% (1.5% to 0.7%). The results, from a large statistical base (c.7500 cases) were much the same in rich and poor countries. The English-language version of the checklist is at www.who.int/patientsafety/safesurgery/en . What equivalent 'peri-operative' checklists could we develop for enterprise-architecture and business-architecture? What results could we achieve with such checklists? And how would we verify their value? (Discussion posted to both The Enterprise Architecture Network group and Business Architecture Community group.)


My client has a checklist for the technical architecture -- each IT project should present such a list before the technical evaluation (which is before the financial evaluation of the project). The main reason is to prevent surprises in deployment and maintenance (e.g. high disponibility requires a special configuration of Oracle). Typical topics are:
• Architecture générale
• Support et maintenance
• Exploitation
• Architecture poste de travail
• Middleware
• Architecture base de données
• Services business intelligence
• Services éditiques
• Services Génie Logiciel
• Services gestion documentaire
• Services sécurité
• Métier
• Interopérabilité
• Réseau

As there are some dependencies between items of this checklist, we provide a simple configurator which uses many (business and technical) questions and some rules to derive the actual checklist.


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