Gartner blogs: Does BPM in the Cloud Become a Business Operating Platform?

<discussion ref="http://blogs.gartner.com/jim_sinur/2009/05/13/does-bpm-in-the-cloud-become-a-business-operating-platform/" />

I think this is a wrong sequence. At first, BPM should become a business operating platform than this platform can enjoy advantages of the cloud computing.

To achieve the first, it is necessary to have a commonly agreed BPM reference model (e.g. see http://www.slideshare.net/samarin/bpm-concepts-de-base-presentation) and a few reference architectures. Moving to the cloud may follow the way described in http://improving-bpm-systems.blogspot.com/2009/04/bpm-in-action-calling-for-input-on-bpm.html .

Hope that bpmnexus.ning.com will advance with the BPM reference model soon.


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