Linkedin: What impact do you find using a BPMS system has on end to end process time?

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All depends. I recommend each time to find the point of most leverage -- it may be in automation of existing processes or in changing them.

Often the business people know what is wrong – some kind of “performance errors”. For example, the decomposition of such complex human activities into a mixture of automated and simple human activities not only saves work time and improves the quality of operations, but can also open up the possibility to delegate certain of the new simple human activities to less-qualified staff members. In one particular enterprise in which this decomposition was carried out for the activities of one group leader, we economized their time by about 1 man-month per year.

It is important that your enterprise BPM system (see “http://improving-bpm-systems.blogspot.com/2009/04/should-we-consider-third-forgotten-bpm.html” about different BPM concepts) can carry out small and incremental improvements. I wrote a book (it is not but yet publish) -- how to architect and implement enterprise BPM systems which are easy to evolve. The table of contents is available at http://improving-bpm-systems.com/book/toc.pdf. Hope you will find it of interest. Please feel free to contact me should you require more information.


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