Blog: Process Anti-pattern: “One Man Show”

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I think that both Anatoly's diagrams are anti-patterns. Previous comments gave a good explanation about the second case. Also, there are many different considerations (e.g. be ready for future changes, avoid mixing of added-value and mechanical activities, etc.) to present some work currently done by the same "person" into a set of activities.

I would like to use the first diagram as a "stress test" for BPMN - how a middle-man management can be expressed as a process. This pattern (called MMM) is an example of decentralised coordination. There are four participants who/what share the coordination: buyer(B), manufacturer (M), middle-man (MMM) and a common-sense procedure for mutual agreement (AGREE). Each participant has his/her/its own pool which contains participant's view of this process.

From the picture, it is obvious that MMM does no useful work -- just dispatching events+data others.


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