A small review of the book “Ladder to SOE” by Michael Poulin

This book (http://michaelpoulinssite.homestead.com/My-Book.html) perfectly reflects the current way of advancing in the computer science – the author is debating a lot of topics with a lot of people. Quotes are thoroughly analysed and supplied by contra-arguments. The whole book is a dynamic discussion similar to the work of an SOA consultant who should be able to discuss any question and any opinion about SOA. Logically the book is stimulating the reader to follow the same rule – debating the author’s position. I found this great. Anyone who is touching SOA should read this book to derive his/her own opinion.

For example, I don’t agree that process is “just implementation” of services – the former are also explicit and executable and understandable by the business. Executable process is the way to make bigger services from smaller services.

Another point – the definition of SOA from OASIS RM which, in my opinion, is more applicable to the modern economy than to construction of software-intensive systems. It is well-known that the business world understood a long time ago that services and processes are the backbones of most enterprise business systems.

Finally, I wish Michael to publish soon next book with his experience about the implementation and evolution of SO enterprises.


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