Practical Process Patterns: FRAP

Functional roles are pools (FRAP)

BPMN pool is normally associated with a participant. Often such a participant is associated with an organisational role, e.g. CFO. Obviously, an organisational role may include more than one functional role. As the result, within the same business process an organisational role may participate with different functional roles to carry out different activities. This looks like a typical use of swimlines, but the question – are those activities from same process instance?

Consider the following process:
  • periodically (e.g. monthly), a manager orders several service-engineers to visit several clients for carrying out some work
  • a service-engineer contacts the assigned client, plans a visit and reports back to the manager the visit details
  • the service-engineer pays a visit to the client
  • after the visit, the service-engineer submits to the manager a report about the work done at client's site

How many pools and instances?
  1. Manager as a work planner – 1 instance (as quick as possible)
  2. Manager as a report validator – N instances (usual duration is a few days) 
  3. Service-engineer (actually, per visit) – N instances (usual duration is a few weeks)

So, pools should be associated with functional roles.


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