First impression -- #SAP #NetWeaver #BPM tool

SAP NetWeaver BPM 7.2  looks (after the 4-days TZBPM training course) rather good:
  • Eclipse-based design environment or "composition environment"
  • Good naming conventions by default
  • Business view and technical view
  • Explicit definition of events in addition to several other artefacts
  • One pool is one process
  • Direct interpretation of BPMN without compiling it into BPEL
  • A small and reasonable subset of BPMN shapes
  • Three ways to implement UI (and SAP work on another one)
  • Integration with the existing run-time environment (not easy to handle but doable)
Potential improvements:
  1. Inter-process communication - no explicit way to say that this event is consumes by that process 
  2. More comprehensive environment for human tasks (e.g. for processing of escalations without BPMN)
  3. Active and non-active pools
  4. Link the events to SAP PI

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