Ideas for #BPMshift - Delenda est "vendor centric #BPM" - How to bring shared services

In a few recent discussions, I was asked a question “How to introduce shared services”?

A typical context is that there are several semi-independent business units (BUs) with their own IT environments and, at one moment, the top management decided to introduce shared services.

Certainly, it is a daunting task because it touches application portfolio and operations. There is experience from a big company (500+ BUs) that several company-wide IT initiatives to bring standard applications to all BUs have failed. Because all BUs have different level of computerization, a standard application from the IT department is not good for everyone.

It seems that “application” (as a container of functionality) is too “big” and “smaller” containers of functionality are necessary. Thus services (as small containers of functionally) and processes (as a practice to assemble bigger services from smaller ones) should be used. In this case, shared services can be introduce as the following.

How to disassemble an application into services is described in http://improving-bpm-systems.blogspot.com/2014/04/ideas-for-bpmshift-delenda-est-vendor_27.html


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