Better Architecting With – big picture

This blogpost continues the blogpost “#entarch frameworks are typical monoliths which have to be disassembled for better architecting” ( see http://improving-bpm-systems.blogspot.bg/2017/06/entarch-frameworks-are-typical.html ) and uses some feedback from a LinkedIn discussion https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6278239461654437888/

This blogpost outlines a “big picture” including the components and operating model for Better Architecting With (BAW).

Again, the goals of BAW are:
  • to standardise a good set of #entarch common components (viewpoints, artefacts, models, etc.)
  • to enable the users to add their own components, if necessary
  • to provide formal and repeatable guidance how to achieve unique user’s needs with available components.
BAW follows the “Platform-Enables Agile Solutions” (PEAS) pattern ( see http://improving-bpm-systems.blogspot.bg/2011/04/enterprise-patterns-peas.html ). BAW comprises the following:
  1. BAW platform;
  2. a set of ready-to-use popular BAW solutions (consider them as recipes) which you may try as-is and gradually adapt for your unique needs, and
  3. BAW guidance (including some obvious documentation).
The BAW platform comprises the following components:
  • BAW ontology – a set of about 200 concepts (in my estimation) which are already defined in many sources and needed to be aligned.
  • BAW artefacts – a set of about 50 (in my estimation) well-known artefacts to be aligned.
  • BAW viewpoints – a user-extendable set of about 20-30 (for now) viewpoints.
  • BAW model kinds – a user-extendable set of about 50-70 (for now) model kinds.
  • BAW patterns – a user-extendable set of techniques for transforming (not necessary fully automatically) some model kinds into other models kinds.
The most innovative part of the BAW platform is the BAW patterns because they capture architecting knowledge in a formal and reproducible way. BAW patterns are formalised as small processes with human and automated activities. Some example of such patterns are in http://improving-bpm-systems.blogspot.bg/search/label/enterprise%20patterns

The BAW solutions comprise the following:
  • BAW scenarios – a set of popular architectural works such as designing data-entry application or process-based applications, defining business architecture, formulating IT strategy, etc.
  • BAW skeletons – a set of existing #entarch frameworks
The BAW guidance is the most important part of BAW. In accordance with the selected scenario, the user is guided what views and models must be developed and how to develop them. The order of development can be almost arbitrary because the user must be able to adjust his/her models in the “pinball” way.

Again, the whole BAW must be organised in a way that anyone can add new viewpoints, model kinds, patterns and related documentation to enrich BAW with formalised and repeatable knowledge.


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