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More comments, please.

4) My point is that novice BPM desingers tend to use former model but the latter is more realistic.

My interpretation: they (novice BPM desingers) model the process from the point of view of one of the participants – “customer”; after they have to model from the points of view of other participants, e.g. “dealer”, “production”, etc., and finally, a common view should be synthesised. So, I would say that this is just uncompleted work.

5) Branches from a parallel gateway may go over other pools? I seriously doubt this. Not in BPMN. But you are right: parallel gateways do produce asynchronous threads.

Is illustration below “process orchestration” or “process choreography”?

6) My favourite analogy to process choreography is threads programming in java.
I would treat “process choreography” as coordination between threads from different java programs -- System.exit() at one pool should not stop a particular choreography.


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