Linkedin: Future of BPM. Your take on this?

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Future of BPM. Your take on this?

My observations about BPM:

- no commonly agreed terminology (what does “BPMS” stand for?)
- no commonly agreed reference model
- no proper system of standards (BPMN, BPEL and XPDL have been developed by different groups for different purpose; these standards are not complimentary)
- current discussion about BPMN 2.0 is a battle between BPM vendors; BPM customers are forgotten
- there are many BPM vendors (it seems that BPM is good business)
- everyone does BPM right now (even people who don’t know the difference between process template and process instance)
- potentials of BPM/SOA are huge
- each BPM project is re-inventing the wheel
- no organisation which protects BPM customers

My conclusions:
- future of BPM is bright – maybe not for BPM customers yet
- the main challenge is how to turn BPM from being vendors-driven to become customers-driven? (good example is a set of W3C standards around HTML – each Web browser vendor compares its product against the ACID3 test)


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