BPMnexus: Let's get started !

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I propose to give a context first. My sequence of concepts is the following:

1. Improving enterprise business performance is a permanent imperative and a daunting task these days.

2. Evolving of an enterprise as a complex system requires its rational construction.

3. The best (so far) approach for such a rational construction is process-oriented enterprise. [The business world understood a long time ago that services and processes are the backbones of most enterprise business systems. ]

4. The best (so far) method for the realisation of process-oriented enterprise is BPM (as a discipline -- allows you to model, automate, execute, control, measure and optimise the flow of business activities that span the enterprise’s systems, employees, customers and partners within and beyond the enterprise boundaries) [other methods for continual performance improvement -- BPR, TQM., ISO 9000, lean, TPS, Six sigma, etc. well contributed]

5. Each process-oriented enterprise has its own "enterprise BPM system" (portfolio of the business processes as well as the practices and tools for governing the design, execution and evolution of this portfolio) [it may not perfect, but it does exist, e.g. as ISO 9000 quality management system].

6. A specialised class of enterprise software -- BPM suite (coherent set of software tools) -- is used for facilitating the implementation of an enterprise BPM system.

7. As a rule, BPM suite is necessary, but not sufficient for good implementation of an enterprise BPM system -- other information technologies (EA, ECM, SOA, BI, BAM, BEM, ITIL, etc.) to be considered together.


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