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I agree with Anatoly's diagramms and think that they can be more explicit -- namely, by separating humans' added-value work and administrative work to "animate" the process. So, there are 4 pools, as shown below:

Both human participants -- candidate and HR manager -- follow their internal processes (COOR02 and COOR01 respectively). The latter carry out the coordination (some kind of choreography). Those processes are "the main thing" to be made EXPLICIT by a business analyst.



Unknown said...

Dear AS.

First I need to say that I am quite new to BPMS so some implications on the practices are not clear to me.

Regarding this post, the way you proposed isn´t quite divergent from Anatoly´s purpose?

I mean, basically you also separate executable flow from human centric flow, which was criticized by Anatoly.

Please do not understand as criticism rather to take this opportunity to understand better those practices.


Alex said...

Dear Marcel,
There are a few points in the modelling that people may choose differently:

1. Is an extra pool, e.g. “automated system” or “executable flow” useful? I think that yes and I call it “coordination pool” which is “how the job done disregard by whom”. Spreading a process diagram over many swimlines may actually reduce its “understandability”. (A good diagram should be understood in less than 30 seconds.)

2. How many “coordination pools” should be used in a particular diagram: 0, only 1 or many? I think that as many as necessary (as discussed in this post) – the coordination is not centralized (e.g. as in an orchestra), but it is shared (e.g. as in a pair of rock climbers tied together by a rope).

3. Should the behaviour of an external participant (e.g. a customer) be explicitly modelled? I think that yes, because it helps an enterprise to understand how its customers see this enterprise and thus gives some ideas how to improve customers experience.

My book may help you. It is available from Trafford's bookstore http://www.trafford.com/Bookstore/BookDetail.aspx?BookId=SKU-000138608


Unknown said...

Alexander,thanks for your answer. Crystal clear now :o)

Taking the opportunity: do you know any practical (almost "step-by-step") process to derive services from a business process model?

The reason I am asking is because I´d like to make an MSc dissertation on the subject.

Is your book available at Amazon?


Marcel Fleming

Alex said...
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Alex said...


For a step-by-step procedure (which is the chapter 9 of my book) please have a look at this webinar http://www.slideshare.net/samarin/how-to-use-bpmn-for-modelling-business-processes

The book is available only from Trafford so far; in 2-3 weeks I will be able to sell it also from www.samarin.biz/book