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The abbreviation BPMS is assumed to be “BPM suite” -- coherent set of software tools for facilitating the implementation of a BPM system. The latter is a portfolio of the business processes as well as the practices and tools for governing the design, execution and evolution of this portfolio.

So, architecting of BPMS depends on architecting of enterprise BPM systems. In the latter, business rules are building blocks used within business processes.

The relationships between services and processes are the following:
- all processes are services,
- some operations of a service can be implemented as a process, and
- a process includes services in its implementation.

As the result, any enterprise has its own unique structure of services/processes; but there are some common patterns. Please note, that this is a product-independent view which may be different from ESOA.

Actually, services which are fully implemented by processes may be considered as capabilities.


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