Linkedin: What is the connection/relation between Biz Architecture and BPMS?

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At first, talking about business architecture (BA) is relevant if the business is considered as a system. So, BA concentrates on the conceptualisation and evolution of the form and structure of the top level view of an enterprise as a system for conducting the business.

Remark 1: This top level view may concentrate on how the business is structured, what it does and what it needs to do to meet its goals.

Remark 2: The issues of greatest importance for BA are the following:
- the core end-to-end business processes (also known as value streams);
- the governance structures;
- the core business information (semantics);
- the communication with the core business partners.

The abbreviation BPMS is assumed to be “BPM suite” -- coherent set of software tools for facilitating the implementation of a BPM system. The latter is a portfolio of the business processes as well as the practices and tools for governing the design, execution and evolution of this portfolio

Remark: Any process-centric enterprise has its own enterprise BPM system. The enterprise BPM system may not be perfect (e.g. some processes may be only documented on paper, some details are only “located” only in the minds of certain people, etc.), but it does exist.

So, your enterprise BPM system has to be design in accordance with your BA and BPM suite is a tool (which is necessary, but not sufficient) for implementing your enterprise BPM system.


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