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BPM (as a discipline, tools and the practice) needs standards – they are steps (like in a ladder) to move forward. Example of W3C is a bit “wider” then you mentioned – there is a set of coherent standards: a) xHTML for structure and content, b) CSS for presentation, c) DOM-based API for dynamic modifications, and d) some other specialized standards. And, very important, there is an architecture which gives the context for all those standards.

Good acceptance of HTML (all vendors are checking their product with acid3.acidtests.org) considerably reduces development efforts – previously 25 % has been spent for covering “specific features” of popular Web browsers. As well as this is a base for moving to HTML5.

In the case of BPM we have neither real standards (just publicly available specifications) nor architecture. But by having commonly agreed and executable BPMN we can use it within wider range of applications (i.e. innovate), e.g. in the traditional “case management” for planning and execution of short chains of steps (or activities). Similar as in the chess game some players think only about the current move and some players think for several moves in advance.

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