Relationship between EA, PMO, an SDLC methodology and ITIL

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For the moment, I don’t discuss the “local” SDLC methodology. It is considered that it translates (as a project) a request for a business solution into a set of interdependent services. Some of those services are new; some of those services are new versions of existing services. The main steps of such a translation are:
  • Architect a solution as a set of services (BPM, SOA, etc. is are used for quick prototyping to understand WHY and WHAT for each service as well as the effect on the whole enterprise environment)
  • Design each service (supply HOW for that service – buy, build, rent, outsource)
  • Deploy each service (of course, provide the ruthless monitoring for each service before deployment)
So, it is necessary to guarantee that newly created services or versions of services will be the good ITIL citizens. For this reason, many of ITIL processes have to be “invoked” during projects as shown in figure below.


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