Relationships between EA and PMO

In my current position at a chief enterprise architect I have to provide a clear guidance how EA, PMO, PMBOK, BPM, SOA, ECM, SDLC, CMMI, ITIL, etc. should work together. This post is about EA and PMO.

EA is a management tool to help the enterprise to realise its vision by provisioning guidance and practical help for the design and evolution of the Bank via the enterprise models as well as with a coherent and proven set of principles, recommendations, and practices for working with those models.

EA has the three explicit parts: model, management and governance. Model is a set of enterprise artefacts and relationships between them. The governance part is used for the strategic improvements and self-tuning of the enterprise environment. The governance defines the model for a target environment and the means (a road map presented to the business as the strategy) to implement necessary changes from the baseline model to the target model. The management part supervises those changes which are carried out in different internal projects. The latter are controlled by PMO.


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Mohan said...

Thanks for sharing this view. It is a good depiction of EA roles PMO and governance