From a business analyst to a business architect

I was asked for advice on how to grow from a business analyst to a business architect. Below is my list of things to learn.

understand architecture (see - http://improving-bpm-systems.blogspot.ch/2013/06/entarch-basics-in-for-dummies-style.html)

understand #bizarch (see - http://improving-bpm-systems.blogspot.ch/2011/02/explaining-ea-business-architecture.html)

know #bizarch artefacts

understand processes as the most popular #bizarch artefacts

know process patterns (see http://improving-bpm-systems.blogspot.ch/search/label/practical%20process%20patterns)

know how culture may effect organisation

know "business analysis" from http://www.iiba.com  and get ceritication

know "business architecture" from http://www.businessarchitectureguild.org/ and get certification

know the relationships between all #bizarch artefacts (very important)

know enterprise patterns

be able to design processes (as a path to business process architect)

understand basics of application architecture

specialize in e-gov or healthcare or other domains


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