About #social, #BPM and #ECM, again

This blogpost is inspired by the blogpost http://peterwhibley.wordpress.com/2013/11/01/social-bpm-is-dead-long-live-social-case-management/?goback=%2Egde_70120_member_5802043386345046020#%21 which is talking about Social and Enterprise Social Network (ESN).

At a basic level all of these features are focused on enhancing knowledge worker productivity by delivering enhanced collaboration and support opportunities. Let me know what you think:

Below is what I think about Social features mentioned in that blogpost.
Mentioned Social feature
Existing techniques
Enhanced collaboration and file sharing
Any modern ECM does this by default
Collaborative creation of content within a case
Does it mean usual co-editing?
Automatic creation of temporary team workspaces or groups focused on a specific process or a specific case to facilitate the collaboration and sharing of ideas among co-workers
Any modern ECM does this by default
Runtime guidance from subject matter experts
Decision-as-a-process (see URL below) and Community-based coordination in BPM (see URL below)
Rapid access to shared content and content ranked on utilization by co-workers and teammates
Any modern ECM does this by default
Crowdsourcing or distributed problem solving
Decision-as-a-process (see URL below)
Social Stream and BPM work queue integration i.e. the Social work queue which many BPM platforms already offer today
Already in some BPMS
Shared team folders and shared case management folders
Any modern ECM does this by default
Collaborative process design and continuous process improvement.
Two different concepts. Collaborative design is a feature of BPMS. Continuous process improvement is a governance issue. Both are addressed differently.
Leveraging social awareness to deliver automatic process routing based on availability
Community-based coordination in BPM

Decision-as-a-process - http://improving-bpm-systems.blogspot.ch/2013/10/practical-process-patterns-decision-as.html

Community-based coordination - http://improving-bpm-systems.blogspot.ch/2012/07/coordination-techniques-in-bpm-social.html

So, this confirms that I said in BPM.COM (see http://www.bpm.com/home/forums/has-social-failed) “I think that Social in the way of absorption by established business disciplines.”


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