#entarch view on #digital

A several statements (à la manifesto) about digital from the enterprise architecture viewpoint

Note: The illustration is adapted from http://improving-bpm-systems.blogspot.ch/2013/06/entarch-basics-in-for-dummies-style.html

Business artefacts are available in digital formats (thus formal and executable).

Digital is the master media for business artefacts.

Enterprise, ecosystem and society “understand” the digital formats for business artefacts (not consider digital artefacts as BLOBs).

Enterprise can transmit, protect, validate, enrich, interpret and manipulate digital business artefacts at their whole life-cycle.

Enterprise can generate new knowledge from digital business artefacts.

Enterprise knows all the dependencies between its digital business artefacts (i.e. how a change in an asset affects some other assets).

Enterprise can transform digital business artefacts (extract, combine, change presentation, convert, etc.) to fit the current needs of a particular customer.

Business artefacts can be moved between digital, analog and physical medias (e.g. with 3D printing).

Enterprise can capture the external physical world into its digital artefacts.

Business digital artefacts may be offered for consumers as apps.

People can delegate to "things" (i.e. computers and robots) some routine activities with their business artefacts (e.g. with the use of #IoT)

With the progress of #IoT, "things" become more capable actors of digital business processes ("things" may form temporary groups to cayy out a particular activity).

Digital business artefacts help increasing flexibility of enterprise systems (from www.samarin.biz/book ):
  • All artefacts must be versionable throughout their lifecycle
  • All artefacts must evolve to become digital, externalised, virtual and components of clouds
  • All relationships between artefacts must be modelled explicitly
  • All models must be made to be executable
(see also "Yet another definition of enterprise architecture #entarch and metrics for enterprise architects" http://improving-bpm-systems.blogspot.ch/2014/12/yet-another-definition-of-enterprise.html )


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