Interesting combination of two recent blogposts about #governance and #digital

In the following discussion
http://bpm.com/bpm-today/in-the-forum/do-you-think-the-more-talent-you-have-the-less-process-you-need I used a combination of two recent blogposts.

From the EA viewpoint, the topic of this discussion is the following:
  1. There are two essential enterprise-wide artefacts “talented staff member” and “processes”. 
  2. Are there some relationships between these artefacts? It seems yes.
  3. Are these relationships strong? i.e. a small change in one artefact may strong affect to another artefact? It seems yes.
  4. So, how to achieve synergy between these artefacts? Let us allow talented staff members develop processes which simplify and amplify their work for the best of an enterprise.
  5. Can digital amplify this synergy? Of course! – please follow http://improving-bpm-systems.blogspot.ch/2015/03/entarch-view-on-ditigal.html
  6. Thus it should be some governance around these artefacts? Absolutely! – To read more please follow http://improving-bpm-systems.blogspot.ch/2015/03/enterprise-patterns-ghost.html
  7. Any questions, please?

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