Enterprise patterns: Strategy Implementation Chain (SIC)

The aim of this post is to synthesize some enterprise patterns recently published in this blog to address the practical enterprise need of “strategy implementation”. The arrangement achieved links different #entarch artefacts into some kind of chain of transformations, with its supervision and enabling:
  1. from the business objectives to a portfolio of projects (or roadmap); 
  2. from the brief initial project specs to a prototype; 
  3. from a prototype to a deployable solution (processes and services); 
  4. from a deployable solution to a deployed solution (by deciding where to deploy each service, e.g. in-house or in-cloud, IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, etc.); 
  5. EA supervision of projects; 
  6. platform-enabled agile solutions as an implementation enabler; 
  7. melting pot of #entarch+#bizarch+#BPM+#SOA+#ECM+#ITIL+#governance+#strategy as a methodology enabler. 

And resources which describe the parts of the chain.

1. Enterprise pattern “Strategy TO Portfolio” (STOP)

2. Modelling of explicit and executable business processes

3. Relationship between EA, PMO, an SDLC methodology and ITIL

4. Enterprise pattern “#Cloud-Ready Estimation and Evaluation Procedure” (CREEP)

5. Relationships between EA and PMO

6. Enterprise pattern “Platform-Enabled Agile Solutions” (PEAS)

7. Melting pot

The use of SIC enterprise pattern can help to avoid some risks in EA practice. (The list below is taken from a recent LinkedIn discussion http://www.linkedin.com/groups/What-are-potential-risks-in-36781.S.232446262 )
  • Incorrect understanding of business strategy
  • Incorrect translating from strategy to architectural design
  • Not Balance well on EA aspiration & EA Practicality
  • "Waterfall" type of EA, lack of Agile practice - Incremental-ism, Improvement and Iteration.
  • Framework or Frameless? How to leverage well?
  • "We know what we are doing, even though we've never done it before"
  • "We just need a tool"
  • No focus on delivering quantifiable value
  • Too focused on IT
  • "Modeling the Universe"
  • "Let’s collect data and see what we find"
  • EA Dept hoarding information
  • Unable to articulate the value proposition of EA
  • Unable to communicate effectively with stakeholders
  • Unable to execute in an appropriate risk management approach that matches effort (investment) with return

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