Be explicit with BPM as a management discipline

Business Process Management (BPM) as a management discipline means "using processes to manage business" ("stolen" from Connie Moore's twit).

French version should be "Gestion par processus", but not "Gestion de processus métier".

Russian version is "Управление предприятием на основе процессов".

Of course, "management of business processes" is also necessary.



АБ said...

Dare to disagree - there are two equally important meanings:
1) manage enterprise by processes
2) manage process lifecycle
Both are essential; if you drop the second then there is no difference between BPM and BPR for example.
You basically accept this by saying that "management of business processes is also important" but it'll confuse novices I'm afraid.

Alexander Samarin said...

Thanks for the comment - there are no limits to be EXPLICIT.

BPM as management discipline is "manage enterprise by processes".

enterprise BPM system (portfolio of the business processes as well as the practices and tools for governing the design, execution and evolution of this portfolio) DOES manage processes on their full lifecycle.

Sure, both are equally important in BPM. Of course, use of a BPM suite (software product) may help.

Finally, all three parts should be considered together as pictured in http://improving-bpm-systems.blogspot.com/2009/04/should-we-consider-third-forgotten-bpm.html