Practical process patterns: HENS

Hiding Explicitly Nested Structure (HENS) pattern is about selection of the presentation of a diagram.

This is a process to check (solvancy, legality, etc.) of clients. To model it I used step-by-step detalisation to keep the each step easy to understand. It happened that each iteration was just adding a new level of details and I used a new pool at each step. The result (see figure below) is a nested structure.

Obviously, such a diagramm is rather unusual for some people because many processes have a linear structure. So I put the whole process into one pool (see figure below).

As a possible variant, I removed some BPMN "sub-processes" (see figure below).

So, all three diagramms are equvalent, but which is better? All depends. Ask people who work with this process -- which diagramm they prefer.



agilian said...

Good digram to teach bpmn process, it will help a no. of people.

DualSun said...

I like how this is layed out, it's clear and concise and aligns with numeorus enterprise engineering and architecture perspectives.