Linkedin: Brainstorming on Adaptability / Flexibility

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My area is to improve not general, but IS/IT capacity of change, because the latter is the main blocking factor in many organizations. Usually, we do some specific initiatives first and then spread and generalize the experience. I use several techniques:
  1. Show the slide 4 from http://www.slideshare.net/samarin/creating-synergy-between-bpm-and-ea-in-an-egovernment-environment to indicate importance of flexibility.
  2. Coach the business how to request and test flexibility of different IT products (instead of just compliance to the specs), e.g. a vendor of BPM suite should be asked to implement a simple process and to carry out some changes during the live presentation.
  3. Prepare prototypes which demonstrate flexibility.
  4. Rescue “rotten” projects.

A recent example – a tender for an MIS for a governmental agency.
  • High level of flexibility explicitly required
  • Budget 4,5 MCHF
  • About 10 offers
Some contenders:
  • Classic development – 17 MCHF
  • ERP hidden under workflow – 4 MCHF
  • BPM-based – 2,5 MCHF
The latter has demonstrated a simple prototype and that helped to win the tender. Of course, to calm down the internal IT department, the winner has to do an extra “feasibility” step -- quickly demonstrate a very advanced prototype, which works at the client’s IT environment.


More details are in my new book “Improving enterprise business process management systems” www.samarin.biz/book

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